a snarky coming of age story, with magic, mistery and a classic 90's vibe

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Smallthing Studios SRL/LLC is the owner of development license of "Simon The Sorcerer" and owner of the brand "Simon The Sorcerer Origins" 

"Simon the Sorcerer Origins" a Smallthing Studios production Based on “Simon the sorcerer” created by Simon Woodroffe and a credit for
Adventure Soft Publishing Ltd as rights owners , soundtrack by Rick Astley “Together forever”

After 30 years, the official PREQUEL!

Simon the Sorcerer Origins

is a modern adventure created in a completely hand-drawn late 90s cartoon visual style.

The prequel is set a few weeks before the events of the first 1993 adventure.

The game world is crafted with a modern visual style filled with seamless realtime sequences, magic and puzzle solving tied together with an engrossing storyline that will finally answer some important questions raised by fans from the first game.

  • The prequel to the legendary saga, set a few weeks before the first episode, 1993.

  • 10/12 Hours of play an adventure through Simon's (new) house, the legendary academy of magic, absurd forests, stinking swamps, rotten dungeons, alchemical laboratories ...

  • An adventure with a modern twist. Nostalgic for fans, intriguing for new players.
    An ancient prophecy to be revealed, at least try! Puzzles, monsters, crap, comedy, bad smells, old contraptions.

  • Dozens of easter eggs to discover!

  • It is a video game for everyone! Nostalgic for lovers of the saga, exciting for new players

  • Classic controls with the pointer or direct with the joypad.
    Touch supported for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

  • Complete accessibility with text size, contrasts and many configuration possibilities.

  • Soundtrack written by Mason Fisher and featuring Rick Astley with 'Together Forever'

  • Dubbed in English and German, with Chris Barrie and Erik Borner

  • Localized in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Chinese, Polish.

with the special star!

90s hand-drawn
cartoon graphic style

15.000 animation frames!

Simon The Sorcerer is a legendary point & click adventure saga, first released in 1993, on MS-Dos and Amiga.
Famous for its strong and spicy humor and that enveloping fantasy setting seasoned with intriguing puzzles.
The first two episodes are considered a cult of the genre.

Simon The Sorcerer Origins tells the events that
happened a few weeks before the 1st episode of 1993

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