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"Quality is never an accident.   It is always the result of intelligent effort"


John Ruskin

Massy Calamai

CEO, Co-Founder, Game Director


Historic and award-winning game director, game designer and graphic artist since 1989 (as well as avid gamer and  game collector).

Over 40 titles developed for consoles, PC, Amiga, for companies such as VIRGIN, UBISOFT, 505 Games,  SONY, Disney, Artematica, Simulmondo obtaining awards such as the IGN Awards and the MCV Awards.


Massy made some of the most popular products in Italy like Fightin' Spirit, Pray For Death, Gems Smashers (GameBoy Advance), Martin Mystere, Diabolik, Ducati Challenge, Dylan Dog, Spiderman, 3D World Tennis and more.

Stefano Campodall'Orto

CTO, Co-Founder, Lead Coder


Expert Italian coder and developer, he worked as lead coder on over 30 Console and PC products for companies like Prograph, Artematica, Frame Studios.


Stefano created proprietary 2D / 3D engines, making some of the most renowned Italian titles such as Diabolik Original Sin.


He worked on important licenses such as Violetta (Disney), Prezzemolo (Gardaland), Diabolik.


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